Josie Petrick Kemarre

Josie Petrick Bush Berry Dreaming ASAAJP2180 2007 106x98cm Acrylic paints on linen SOLD

Acrylic paints on linen
ASAAJP2180 sold

Josie Petrick Bush Berry Dreaming ASAAJP2355 2007 119x119cm Acrylic paints on linen

Acrylic paints on linen
ASAAJP2355 sold

Josie Petrick Kemarre

Josie Petrick Kemarre

Region:Harts Range
Language group:Anmatyerre


Josie Petrick was born at Santa Teresa Mission and is the niece of the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

She began painting in the early 90’s and has emerged from the Utopia Region as an artist displaying innovative interpretations of her Dreamings, religion and culture through her bold and dynamic approach to canvas.

Josie’s first job was working at the Santa Teresa mission as a chef, this is where she also met her husband, Robin (now deceased), and after her bush marriage moved with him to an area of Utopia called Mt Swan where they had 7 children, she also raised another child who was the son of her sister. Josie has also worked as a translator for the Central Land Council.

Her earlier works are quite typical of “Utopia Art” Much line work depicting Body paint designs, and many traditional symbols seen in Central Desert Dot paintings. Her most recent collection titled “Bush Berries” portrays the abundance of colours found within the landscape of the Central Desert.a

Her Dreamings are based on native plants and bush tucker species and the various colours depicted throughout her local landscape, as well as design elements associated with women’s Awelye (ceremony/dancing) and Women’s Dreamings.

Josie creates visual harmony within her dot construction capturing the rich essence of the Utopian landscape. Her work is a fine example of the development of Central Desert dot painting from traditional dot construction to a fusion of abstracted forms, manifesting a spiritual and cultural celebration.

Selected Exhibitions

Selected exhibitions:
1995- Jinta Desert Art, Sydney
1995- Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery
1999- Embassy of Australia, Washington DC, USA
1999- Embassy of Australia, New York City, USA
1999- United Nations, New York City, USA
1999- ‘Out of Australia’ Lui Hai-Su National Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2005- Wellington Gallery, Central, Hong Kong
2006- Women’s Show, Boscia Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2007- Sydney Art Fair, Aranda Aboriginal Art
2007- Shanghai Art Fair, Aranda Aboriginal Art  


National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne VIC
Corrigan Collection
The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth WA
Kerry Stokes Collection
Artbank, Sydney NSW
Aranda Collection