Ngoia Napapltjarri Pollard

Pollard Swamp near Nyirripi ASAANP2268 2007 180x150cm Acrylic paints on linen SOLD

Acrylic paints on linen
ASAANP2268 sold

Ngoia Napapltjarri Pollard Swamp near Nyirripi ASAANP2267 2007 150x150cm Acrylic paints on linen SOLD

Acrylic paints on linen
ASAANP2267 sold

Ngoia Napapltjarri Pollard

Ngoia Napapltjarri Pollard

Tribe: Warlpiri
Area: Mt. Leibig, Northern Territory
Born: circa 1948


Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri was born at Haasts Bluff in 1948. Her late husband, Jack Tjampijimpa Pollard was a part of the significant Papunya Tula Artists community. Ngoia paints her father’s country and depicts the land from an aerial view. She paints the swamps and lakes close to her home, Nyrripi (Talarada), north-west of Mount Liebig; these are represented as circular shapes in her work. Her paintings portray the wet and dry aspects of her land and the dots show the water drying up and the cracks taking place. Her father used to hunt near these places. Ngoia is charged with important custodial responsibilities for her land and is involved with the North Territory Land Council.

In 2006 she was honored with the very prestigious Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award.


2002- Northern Territory Art Award
2003- Northern Territory Art Award
2004- First Prize in the Advocate Central Australian Award
2006- First Prize at the 23rd Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award 


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Artbank, Sydney
Thomas Vroom Collection, The Netherlands