Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa

Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa Tingari Cycle ASAAPL1387 2005 180x150cm Acrylic paints on linen

Acrylic paints on linen
Sold for world record price for the artist sold

Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa

Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa

Language group: Pintupi


Peg Leg was born at Wilkinkarra in the 1920s, where he lived until 1957, in 1964 he and his family moved to Yuendumu and he was a trustee of the Wilkinkarra Land Trust since 1984. His paintings evoke the style of some works of the early 1970 that favoured a limited palette and focused on Tingari design.

Peg Leg began painting when he visited his friend and relation Pinta Pinta Tjapanangka at Walungurru. Soon after Pinta Pinta’s death Peg Leg was forced to stop painting due to his failing eyesight though he was able to resume painting after eye surgery.

Peg Leg’s paintings featured in the significant exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW ‘Papunya Tula – Genesis and Genius’ in 2000. He is represented in most major public and private collections throughout Australia and overseas. Peg Leg is mentioned in the books Bindibu Country by Donald Thomson (1975) and The Lizard Eaters by Douglas Lockwood (1964).