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Request an ART Valuation

Adam is an accredited valuer for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program: approved to value Australian Indigenous art and material culture after 1936.

Adam is a Member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia, Accredited Valuer No.004

Adam Knight provides certified and professional online art valuations for Australian art works for insurance or market appraisal (divesting of family assets, leasing, general enquiry, and investment purposes.)  We value Aboriginal paintings and other material after 1936. All valuations are carried out by Gallery Director, Adam Knight. Adam has an established reputation as a authority on Australian Aboriginal art. For more details regarding Adam you can view his Linkedin profile.

The accuracy of our valuations relies on the quality of the details you provide to us. Therefore, the Gallery will not be liable to you in circumstances where: you have provided us incomplete or inaccurate information; or  there is any error, omission or misdescription in the information, you have provided to us in relation to your art works.

Further, should your art work be deemed by us as: not authentic, genuine or otherwise fake; or not having sufficient reputation to warrant a valuation, the Gallery will not be liable for any valuation prepared and is not otherwise obliged to undertake a valuation at your request. All valuations are confidential.

ART Valuation Fee:

ART Valuation Fee:

Insurance valuations are $44 inc GST for one work, and reduce to $33 per work for multiple valuations and $220 inc GST for a standard Cultural Gift Valuation.

Larger Valuations are based on an hourly preparation rate and by quotation, calculated on the time taken to:
•assess the information you have provided to us;
•identify any anomalies in your information or in relation to your art work generally;
•conduct research in to determine a fair market value for the art work; and
•preparation of your valuation documentation to be provided.

Should you have a collection of paintings, it is recommended you contact the Gallery Director to organise a quote and appointment for viewing.

ART Valuation terms:

ART Valuation terms:

The terms and conditions relating to provision of valuation services to you by the Gallery are available by clicking here. The valuation terms set out our mutual rights and obligations in relation to our valuation services and we strongly recommend that you read them prior to submitting a request for valuation.

Your promises:

By submitting a request for valuation you make the following promises to the Gallery:

You are the owner of the art work or you are otherwise the agent with authority to represent the art work for the purposes of valuation.
The art work is in saleable condition or you will otherwise provide detailed information as to any damage or deterioration in the condition of the art work.
You will supply a clear and accurate high resolution colour image of the art work (in JPEG format) that accurately depicts the art work. In addition, you promise that:
a.the image has not been enhanced or altered in any way; and
b.the image shows the art work in its entirety.
The information provided by you is accurate, truthful, and complete to the best of your knowledge.
You have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions governing the provision of Valuation services to you by the Gallery.

To obtain an art valuation please fill out form to the right of this page.

Adam Knight has been providing market and insurance valuations for over 20 years to private, commercial, public collections and auction houses. He had operated 6 commercial galleries and has been active in the indigenous arts industry since 1990.

About Adam Knight

Adam is an accredited valuer for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program: approved to value Australian Indigenous art and material culture after 1936. Adam is Vice President of The Indigenous Art Trade Organisation, a member of the Member Indigenous Art Code and in 2012 was a recipient of Perpetual Benefactor status at the Gold Coast City Art Gallery.

Valuations may include:

  1. Cultural Gift Program and other tax incentive valuations
  2. Corporate Collection Valuations
  3. Divorce , Probate and other Law related matters
  4. Collection Insurance
  5. Home Insurance
  6. Self Managed Super Fund Requirements
  7. Current Market Value
  8. Public Institution Loan Agreement Insurance
  9. Valuations for leasing and  finance approvals